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December 31 2011

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December 30 2011

Die heutige Portion Mitleid geht an das Mädchen, das bei der Blutspende auf "Sind Sie sexuell aktiv?" mit "Ich liege eher so da" antwortet.
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December 23 2011

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December 05 2011


November 21 2011


Steht so im Buch der Bücher. Denkt mal drüber nach. Ihr Schafeulen. 

    Here is a picture of the visible spectrum. Can you find the color magenta?Visible spectrum (gringer)

    Why can't you find magenta in the visible spectrum? This is because magenta cannot be emitted as a wavelength of light. Yet magenta exists; you can see it on this color wheel.

    Color wheel (gringer)

    Magenta is the complementary color to green, or the color of the afterimage you would see after you stare at a green light. All of the colors of light have complementary colors that exist in the visible spectrum, except for green's complement, magenta. Most of the time your brain averages the wavelengths of light you see in order to come up with a color. For example, if you mix red light and green light, you'll see yellow light. However, if you mix violet light and red light, you see magenta rather than the average wavelength, which would be green. Your brain has come up with a way to bring the ends of the visible spectrum together in a way that makes sense. Pretty cool, don't you think?


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    November 14 2011

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    November 11 2011

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    November 03 2011

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    October 31 2011

    The Exclamation Comma. “Just because you’re excited about something doesn’t mean you have to end the sentence.”

    October 23 2011

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    October 20 2011

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